Articles worth Reading: Sunday June 3rd 2018

Articles Worth Reading is a series that runs on Sundays with a list of helpful Real Estate related links from around the web. Personally, I take Sunday lounging very seriously. I love a leisurely read and enjoy it even more if I don’t have to spend hours researching the topic of the day.  Every week we will focus on a different topic and will provide multiple links to read up at leisure and get answers to your questions.

This week the focus will be: What’s new in the housing market? 

We’ve scoured the internet so you don’t have to. Below are the articles that made the cut.

The Best Housing Market for House Flippers

Real Estate Market for Spring 2018 is a good news/bad news story

March home prices make their biggest jump in 4 years….

Housing confidence hits record high….

As Lehigh Valley Housing market heats up, inventory is …..



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