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A Stroudsburg Icon Who Resided at 712 Thomas Street- OUR LISTING!

Step into the intriguing past of Alexander Mitchell Palmer, a prominent figure in Stroudsburg’s history. Born on May 4, 1872, in Moosehead, Luzerne County, Pa., Palmer hailed from a family deeply rooted in Monroe County. Their lineage is traced back to Obadiah Palmer, an early settler and Quaker who worked for the renowned Stroud Family.

Growing up locally, Palmer attended Stroudsburg High School before pursuing higher education at Swarthmore College, where he excelled academically and graduated summa cum laude. After completing his studies, he returned to his beloved Stroudsburg, establishing a successful legal partnership with Judge John B. Storm. Tragically, in 1901, Judge Storm passed away, and Palmer assumed full responsibility for their law practice. It was during this time that Palmer called 712 Thomas Street in Stroudsburg his homeβ€”OUR CURRENT LISTING, now ready to welcome new residents.

Immersing himself in the fabric of the community, A. Mitchell Palmer actively engaged in various civil affairs, clubs, and organizations. Notably, he championed a bill to establish a national monument commemorating the bravery of John Summerfield Staples, a local hero who valiantly served President Lincoln in the Civil War.

Palmer’s influence extended beyond the legal sphere. He took on the role of chairman at the esteemed Stroudsburg National Bank and assumed the presidency of the Democratic Club. Eager to share his perspectives with the public, he acquired the Stroudsburg Democrat newspaper and ventured into the political arena. In 1908, his dedication and charisma led him to a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, where he passionately served until 1914.

To delve deeper into the life and accomplishments of A. Mitchell Palmer, we invite you to continue reading the full article written by Amy Leiser, Executive Director of Monroe County Historical Association. *CLICK TO READ FULL ARTICLE* Discover the rich tapestry of our town’s heritage and explore the extraordinary legacy left behind by this remarkable resident. As you explore, keep in mind that 712 Thomas Street, Stroudsburg, currently stands as a living testament to the history and character of our beloved community.

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