Three Tips for Selling Your Home Fast

Three Tips for Selling Your Home Fast


1) We are still in a seller’s market, and price gains are slowing. It is important to look at local conditions right down the to the homes that just sold down the road when selling your home.






2) When a home delays on the market, buyers often become suspicious. We can determine the sweet spot for your asking price. The price will be high enough that 2you get what you need to move on, but low enough that buyers bite early on. We will determine the best marketing strategy to pull in showings and quick offers.



3) Most buyers search for their home online. Before you list, look up local homes and see what kind of condition they’re in. Do most of the homes have updates in their bathroom, modern kitchen, open floor plans? Look how they stage their home in each room. Then start to think how your home compares. if your home could use a lot of work then we’ll have to work together to find a reasonable price for your home. We can also make some low-cost visual fixes like replacing hardware or light fixtures.


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